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Clixsense is one of the Oldest and the Most Trusted PTC. If you are familiar with today's Paid to Click Sites then you will find Clixsense a bit odd. Yes here also you get ads and have to click and watch them for credits but not that you will get 4 or 6 Ads daily with most of them Ads of other PTC sites referral links and the click rate of half or 1 cent per ad. In Clixsense you will get Ads from real advertisers like Ebay, Nokia etc and the click rates will vary from $.01 to $5 per click. Yes you may get $5 for just one ad though mostly all ads are with 1 cent per click. The number of ads per day are also not fixed. You may get 1 to even 10 Ads per day and also at no particular time so you have to check for ads at different times. Seems like a bit irritating?? Yes but here is where the professionalism comes. They want people to really see the ads and thats why many big comapnies are their advertisers and they are going good from years.

also gives you the ads from your interests only which you select in your profile (so if you need more ads then select all interests, also don't worry even after selecting all interests you will not get much Ads but you can only update your profile in 90 days so don't even leave a single interest). Also remember in Clixsense, "Clix" word is used for Ads or Clicks so don't be confused by this.

But the power of Clixsense is not only with PTCs but with their Affiliate Program. You don't earn any money for your referral clicks but with their Affiliate Program you can earn even upto $366.5 just by referring 5 people. If you can refer more you will earn more as there is restriction on how many you can refer. And what it costs, only $10 and not only that with this cost you will be Upgraded to Premium Membership for 1 year and will straight away get 500+ Ads means more than $5 is into your account back, will get 8-10 Ads daily and will also be able to get ads worth $5 as each day between between the hours of 8 a.m. til 9 p.m. U.S. CST, ClixSense will randomly place ads valued at up to $5.00 each for Premium Members only. I don't think you will miss a PTC like this but will highly recommend you to upgrade straight away after joining and start earning and referring. And if you want to know more about it, then you can continue reading with all its details. All your comments and questions are also welcomed. Click on the banner to join the site or click here.

Overview of Clixsense:

Number of Ads depends on your interests selected and worth between $.01 to $5 each ad. More you select your interests more Ads you get, though as a standard you will get only 5-6 Ads maximum while more for premium members.

Clixsense pays only through Cheque and the minimum payout is $10. The payments are done once per month on or before 10th of the month.If you didn't reach the payout in a month then your ernings are forwarded to next month. There is a $3 processing fee also so will suggest to request when you have earned more (with premium membership thats not tough at all).

Premium Membership is only $10 per year and is highly recommended. You will get 500+ Ads straight away after upgrading (means $5 back), will be eligible to get up to $5 per ad click and will earn from the Affiliate Program 5 Levels deep and thus can make even up to $366.5 just by referring 5 people (see below for more details).

Upgradation can be done using Credit Card or online Bank Account but not by balance.

You didn't earn for referral clicks, though Standard member recieve $.01 per referral and $2 if their direct referrals upgrade to premium membership. They also receive 10% of revenues generated from their referrals' ad purchases.
Premium members receive $.1 per direct referral and $2 when these referrals upgrade. They are also paid $1 when their referral's referral upgrades. And this continues to 5 Levels Deep.

Here is the details how this Affiliate Program Works: This example is if you refer only 5 members and only 3 of them upgraded to Premium Account.

First there is yourself on your own level. You are guaranteed payment for each advertisement you click on and view for just 30 seconds.

Level one - You referred 5 new free members = 50 cents. Now 3 of them upgade which earns you another $6.00. Total so far is $6.50 plus your paid to click ads.

Level two - Each of your referrals refer 5 free members of which three each upgrade to Premium accounts. Your total now is $15.50!! ($6.50 for level one, and $9 for level two).

Level three - These members perform same as the above levels and only refer an easy 3 upgrades each. Now your total earnings is $42.50!! ($27 for level three, and $15.50 for levels above).

Level four - These members perform same as the above levels and only refer an easy 3 upgrades each. Now your total earnings is $123.50!! ($81 for level four, and $42.50 for levels above).

Level five - These members perform same as the above levels and only refer an easy 3 upgrades each. Now your total earnings is $366.50!! ($243.00 for level five, and $123.50 for levels above).

The above calculation is if only 3 members upgrade at each level, but if we consider that 3 referrals of each member upgrade their account then the matrix will look like this:

Level Referrals Upgrades Commission
One 5 3 $6
Two 25 15 $15
Three 125 75 $75
Four 625 375 $375
Five 3,125 1,875 $1,875
Totals 3,905 2,343 $2,346
This example shows how effective Clixsense's Affiliate Program is and you can earn really big by upgrading to premium.

If you are not done yet with Clixsense features, then there is one more for you (and its not the last one). Clixsense also runs a "New Income Opportunity" for you for building your Global Domain International (GDI) downline and you don't have to do anything there means definitely after joining it. GDI is also a powerful source for making income and also gives you a website to you with your own domain, but it costs $10 per month so its all upto you to join that or not. Note Clixsense will never push you to join GDI, its just their another feature which makes them the Best PTC.

ClixGrid: Click To Win
Clixgrid is another way to earn some money in Clixsense. In this section you will see a square grid with many small squares each containing the advertisers ad or a prize ranging 1 cent to $5. But the best thing is ClixGrid is free to play and you will get 20 chances to click daily as a Standard member while 50 chances as a Premium member. With each click you can get a prize. If that click is not a winner then you will be shown a page submitted by one of their advertisers. So a good game if you are free and have nothing to click.

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I could have given Clixsense 100 out of 100 points but unfortunately they have very little for Standard members, so join it and upgrade to premium as soon as you can. Hope you like the information about Clixsense, so now all your comments and doubts are welcomed.

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